Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daddy's Pet ( a Post-Father's day event by Out Box Media Events

Last Junes 27, 2010, We were invited in a post father's day event by OutBox Media entitled, " Daddy's Pet ". The event was held in One Esplanade just across SM Mall of Asia. it is also in celebration of " Be kind to animals Week " w/c has been celebrated since 1915.
" The Daddy's Pet : A father's day Pet Event " seeks to give pet owners and would-be owners a chance to learn about proper training and pet handling, hear out the different animal welfare organizations and their advocacies. The event started with the opening of the program with a talk by animal welfare group simultaneously alternated with games, raffles ( in w/c I didn't win in any),performances by animals with unusual talents. Indoors of the event's place was a bazaar which were flocked also by animal enthusiasts,and most importantly dads also get to pamper their selves either with a new haircut or footspa with matching pedicure done by Philippe's, a salon fom Sofitel hotel. There were also face painting area for the kids done by Partycles. Dads and their families as well can opt for a free photo taken by i-clickz.
My 2 sons lj and Zeus got the most of the event, they were enthralled by the performances of the talented animals and even got to join a game sponsored by Bounty Chicken. It was a day long activity ( it started at about 10:30 am til 5pm. The event was also graced by tv personalities like Dimples Romana, Donita Rose ( who was seen tagging along with husband and son.
I really recommend this kind of events to other families out there. families get to bond at the same time watch fab and enjoyable performances by our lovable pet-animals.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back Log ???

Well it's been weeks since I've published my previous blog. Actually there are a lot blog-worthy events to write about, but I guess every blogger experiences this thing called " Back Log ". With the many awesome events that I attended ( btw, thanks to those who have invited me to their events ) and with school opening I guess my mind"s in a wreck!!! It's just tonight that I was able to write my blog.
Some people may ask , why Blog? opinions differ, but for me I really wanted it to be an outlet and a Me-time for myself. Being a mother two boys is no joke most especially at this stage wherein they first experience going to school. This is the time wherein at one point in time I want to put into writing what's really into my heart. But with this setbacks happening on me , I Gues I'll get the hang of it , hopefully soon .

not just any event in a child's life

This is the day I've been waiting for since the day i become a mom

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beh, Lj And Zeus ( T he Three Men in My Life.......)

After attending a Johnson & Johnson Event at Dome cafe Makati...all things around are audibly quiet. My husband and my sons Lj and Zeus are now sleeping the night out. Good for them, for me I cant sleep. I have lot of things I needed to catch-up with,,like visit my new-found blogger friends' site..and most especially post my blog of the day. As I was writing I really didn't have an idea about what to write. But I remember the tip the speaker gave us today at the event; why not post a picture and voila!, that's where you should start. I was browsing my computer with our pictures and I was thinking, why not post something about the three precious men in my life. My "Beh", as I fondly called my husband. Meeting my husband was fate and destiny itself. He was my long-time college-crush and I said to my myself, " Ah I'll get to meet him personally someday". Maybe I said that because that time I'm still on a relationship. Then it happened . On the 29th day of May 2003, at our campus cafeteria,having a lazy afternoon chat with friends, I saw him again. This time he had just graduated, and was at school to get his requirements for his board exams. Suddenly . I said to myself, this is it! I have to finally meet him and get us introduced . Tomorrow might be history and I'll never see him again. I walked up to him and introduced myself and was really glad that he knew me too!! And after that the rest is History . We went seeing each other everyday up to now. I am proud to say that I'm thankful that i did grab that chance and if I didn't not....It's to late!!! I am very proud of my husband even though I know he thinks otherwise....I am thankful to the Lord That He has given me and my 2 sons a wonderful and responsible husband and father to my two kids. To be continued.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MOm and Me Cook Fest at CCa Esatwood

This event happened last May 22,2010 at the Center for the Culinary Arts Eastwood. This event was sponsored by Parentin.tv ,Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao’s online parenting show. Moms and their kids were invited to an afternoon crash course in cooking…My kids were truly excited, most especially they get to help and cook. Recipes included baked mac, pizza,sandwich,cupcakes which what the kids got really excited coz’ they got to decorate their very own cupcakes with icing and chocolate kisses and candy sprinkle as toppings. For me I was really thankful that I was a part of this post mother’s day event. This event has gave me and my 2 sons to bond in an activity we both like. Apart from the cook fest, they got to wear their own toque and apron. I could see their excitement and enthusiasm , I was so overwhelmed…To Parentin.tv , CCA Kitchen and El Real Pasta and most especially to fellow Mom Tin-Tin Bersolal-Babao ,a million thanks and more power!!!!!! Hope you guys continue your endeavor to empower moms like us. You truly inspire me and other moms like me !!!!

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